1. Brick Making

1. The first thing you need to know before you start your own brick making business , is that you have to know the process of making Bricks. Click here to see the step by step guide of making Bricks

2. Writing a Business Plan

It is very important to have a business plan for your brick making business, your business plan should include your strategic focus, a marketing plan, operations plan, staffing plan and a financial plan. A business plan helps to clarify objectives and spells out what you want to achieve in your business. to find out how to write a brick making business plan click here

Brick making Business plan Download 

3. Equipment needed to start a Brick Making Business

First thing first:

You will need a Brick Making Machine: Brick Making Machines prices starts at around R2300.

Types of Brick Making Machines

1. Maxi Brick Machine 5 per Drop . The Price is R2500


5. Maxi brick Machine 10 per drop. R 10 000

Brick making machine price list

Other equipments

You wil also need the following:

  • A 65 litre builder’s wheelbarrow: cashbuild: their whellbarrows starts at R329
  • A spade.: cashbuild: their Spades starts at R120
  • A strong water bucket.
  • Plaster sheets (such as clean dpc sheets).
  • A sieve (this can be a strong piece of galvanised wire mesh with holes about 5mm square so the tip of your little finger can go through).

What Materials Do I Need?

  1. PPC SUREBUILD Cement 42,5 N is ideal for small scale cement brick/block manufacture. PPC SUREBUILD 42,5 N complies with SANS 50197-1. PPC SUREBUILD Cement 42,5 N with extra strength makes more concrete than regular general purpose cements.
  2. Clean river sand.
  3. Clean water – if you can drink it, it is suitable for brick/block making.

Click here to see the step by step guide of making Bricks

Choosing your brick making site

You have to choose a site that is close to your customers, and that is also close to your suppliers. The location has to have a leveled surface. and also the site has to be big enough to make and cure the amount of cement bricks/blocks you want to produce.


We have Electric and Manual machines.

hollow block machines click here .

maxi brick machines click here.

stock brick making machines click here.

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  1. thank you for valuable information. please send me pictures of machines you sell. send me all necessary information about brick making. I am an amateur but am determined to do the business. thank you.

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